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Zuo Xiaoqing’s temperament is rare among Chinese beauties. He wears an embroidered dress, elegant and advanced
In the entertainment industry, if you want to be popular, it’s useless to look good. Sometimes it’s just a bit of luck. Zuo Xiaoqing is a typical girl who is not very lucky. The signs of appearance are very recognizable, and the body is slender and well-proportioned. , The temperament is one of the best among the female stars in the entertainment industry. Wearing embroidered dresses to attend the event looks dignified and elegant. This temperament is also great.

Zuo Xiaoqing's modeling analysis:
Deep V-neck-highlighting sexy charm
Zuo Xiaoqing's temperament is rare in Chinese beauties. He wears an embroidered dress, elegant and advanced. For middle-aged women, in addition to paying attention to the design of the skirt itself and the presentation of colors when choosing a dress, the details of the neckline are also the focus of attention. The deep V-neck style design is very suitable for some slightly grand occasions and events. It can also stretch the neck line at the same time, which is very friendly to short-necked stars. It can also show the sexy of mature women through a little skin-exposed design.

Embroidery element design-add visual richness
This dress is very rich in the element design of the whole body. The embroidered design presents a sense of classical style. This retro style design can make a very simple dress present a visual sense of high-level, while embroidered The three-dimensional feeling will also be very good, making the design of texture and petals come alive and very realistic.

Short version-increase the sense of vitality
The length of the dress largely determines the style attributes. Long dresses are usually more dignified and elegant, with a very noble sense, suitable for stage or red carpet, while short dresses are more dynamic in the design of the skirt. Feeling and refreshing, for slightly older mature women, the effect of age reduction is better.

Tulle fabric-increase breathability
The skirt design of the dress uses a very breathable tulle fabric to show a sense of refreshment, and at the same time it can also wear breathability, especially in summer collocation, this kind of very clear fabric can make the skirt of the whole body. The dress is refreshing and sweet, and the fashion sense and practicality are very good.