digital embroidery machine
WARRIOR also play embroidery style? "WARRIOR embroidery" is so beautiful!
Recently, there has been a sudden wave of embroidery in the trendy shoe circle. Because the uppers of canvas shoes are relatively soft, many ingenious shoe control girls have started to DIY themselves.

The most of them is Converse's embroidered styles. There are styles that embroider a solar system directly on the logo like in the picture.

The demon wind of embroidery also blew up in WARRIOR's canvas shoes.

Like the pair of WARRIOR in the picture, it is exactly the embroidery of WARRIOR. Many small flowers of different colors are embroidered in a circle, around the WARRIOR logo. Just looking at it, I feel beautiful to my heart.

After all, where there are flowers, there must be green leaves. In addition to the embroidery at the logo, you can also see two or three small flowers on the other side of the shoe.