Zhao Wenzhuo's unique embroidery
Recently, Zhao Wenzhuo showed everyone his embroidery products in the latest variety show, which attracted people's attention.
Recently, Zhao Wenzhuo showed everyone his embroidery products in the latest variety show, which attracted people's attention.

In the show, Zhao Wenzhuo wore a white short sleeve lining and a black waistcoat jacket. He combed his short hair and was very capable. When asked about his talents, Zhao Wenzhuo took out an embroidery from the box. The logo of the show was pierced on it. The needles and threads on the embroidery were very fine and the embroidery was perfect.

Many people were shocked when they saw Zhao Wenzhuo’s embroidering. Gao Hanyu and Yin Zheng even widened their eyes and opened their mouths. They had completely lost their expression management. They were surprised that a tough guy like him could be so ingenious, and his brothers said one after another. Zhao Wenzhuo, who dances swords and swords, embroiders embroidery, which is shocking.
   Zhao Wenzhuo also revealed that he has been embroidering since he was a child. In order to be able to buy a TV set, his family embroidered such a pattern that was only worth a few cents every day. After saving for a few months, he switched to a new TV. It can be seen that Zhao Wenzhuo has been very economical since he was a child, so he has mastered the skill of embroidery.
Not only that, during the talent show of other brothers, Zhao Wenzhuo kept his head down and embroidered the last unfinished part. He was very focused. He was very skillful in threading and threading. Even Zhang Qi, who was sitting by the side, looked dumbfounded and stared intently. Zhao Wenzhuo's hand moves.
   Zhao Wenzhuo was born in a family of martial arts, and his father sent him to learn martial arts as a teacher. He is good at swords, spears and boxing. He can skillfully use more than 300 sets of different schools of boxing. He did not expect such a delicate heart to be hidden under his tough image. In normal times, Zhao Wenzhuo also brought many surprises and happiness to netizens.
Remember that not long ago, Zhao Wenzhuo posted his son’s new semester haircut on social platforms. The back of his head was shaved into the shape of the show logo, and the words "brother" are on both sides of the ears, which shows that he is not only embroidering. Well, even shaving the head has its own style, which has attracted the attention of netizens.
   Zhao Wenzhuo has always given people a tough image. Now it is very rare for him to show his own embroidery. Such a big contrast also makes Zhao Wenzhuo more vivid and attracts the love of fans.
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